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Incredible Taste: The Proof Is In The Ingredients!

• Our jellies are made with high quality fruits and all natural ingredients.  We add all-natural, real sugar to give it that taste that we remember when Grandma spread our jelly bread for us!
• Our salsas and relishes are made with high quality produce and all natural ingredients giving you that fresh garden taste!

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Strawberry Jam

Our homemade jams are made with simple ingredients bringing true flavor to your tongue!

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Cherry Jam

Our Salsas are made with fresh ingredients blended together to bring rich flavor to your snacks.

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Raspberry Jalapeno Jam

Our bread & butter pickles and baby beets will add color and flavor to wow your dinner guests.

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We invite you to indulge in the luscious taste of our all-natural jams and salsas.

  • High Quality

  • All-Natural

  • Homemade

  • Simple Ingredients

  • Real Sugar

  • Affordable

Customer Reviews: We Love Our Customers, And They Love Our Jam!

We love when our customers write and tell us what they think of our products.  We have read each one of your messages and it is with your help that our products keep getting better and better.  Thanks for your input.

Awesome, Great, Spectacular, The Best You Will Ever Eat, I am hooked for life!!!!

Hot biscuits and jam………..your jam just took my early morning and late night snack to a new level of spectacular!!

Pure Ingredients

Love that y’all only put in what is necessary. I buy a jar every 2 weeks

Thank you so much for using ingredients I can identify. I found your jam in my local grocery store and have recommended it to my friends. I am a mom of three, one of whom has challenges with attention and hyperactivity. I am working hard to eliminate as much chemical/stuff I can’t pronounce from our pantry and products like yours are really a Godsend. Please keep doing what you are doing.
Thank you for your products. They taste just like I made for 40 plus years. Hard to believe that someone has made jams the old fashion way. Keep up the great work. I tell everyone of my family about you and anyone else that will listen.
I used the peach in my muffin receipe. My 89 year old Mom thought it was fabulous. I will never make homemade again!!!!! Wonderful to eat and Fabulous to cook with in receipes.
by Anonymous on Maple Valley Jams

Great product. No "extras" added. Just good All Natural Jam!

by Anonymous on Maple Valley Jams
peach habanero

I purchased your peach habanero from Pixley's shur-fine in Akron, NY. It's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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